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Rubberstampmadness - One of the oldest rubber stamp periodicals, it is full of great ideas and articles on techniques and new products. Published every other month.
The Rubber Stamper
Photo of Rubber Stamper magazine. The Rubber Stamper - This is a relatively new publication, out maybe 3 years and is a great beginners magazine. RS usually has a number of "how to" projects in each issue. It is published every other month.
The Stampers Sampler
The Stampers Sampler - This is one of my favorites as far as showcasing great ideas. It is guaranteed to have no less than 100 (usually many more) actual samples of cards that were done by stampers from all over, and chosen for their content and theme of the issue. There is also a page that describes each card, the stamps used and what company the stamps are from, and how the card was done. *Hint - Take the current and back issues, 3-hole punch them and keep them in a big binder. They are a great reference for the beginner or the veteran. ** We also have many back issues.
Somerset Studios
Photo of Somerset Studio magazine. Somerset Studios - For those of you who are drawn to the "fine arts" side of stamping, this is the perfect publication for you! It is exquisite in it's presentation. There are wonderful samples and techniques displayed and is what I feel as "cutting edge" stamping. This is by far my most favorite publication. ** Back issues are available.
Memory Makers
Photo of Memory Makers magazine. Memory Makers - A great asset to your scrapbooking projects. Not being a scrapbooker personally, I nearly became one after perusing issues of this magazine! It is great! And as a natural progression of ideas, Memory Makers spawned the creation of 2 more books:
Punch Your Art Out
Punch Your Art Out - I NEVER dreamed there could be so many wonderful, cute and creative things made using punches! This really "wowed" me and it will you too. And if Punch Art wasn't enough...
Punch Your Art Out 2
Punch Art 2 Punch Your Art Out 2 - Just released and continues to amaze me with what you can do with all those great punches. Incredible!! A must have if you dabble in punching at all.
The Catch Up Issue
The Catch Up Issue - From The Stamplers Sampler, this is the current 1999 issue, full of fabulous samples that didn't make it into the bi-monthly issues, but were just too good to pass up and not let you see. It is 3 times the size of a regular issue and filled with tons more of those same great samples we all refer to on a regular basis.
Inspirations - From Stampington, there are now 2 issues (Summer-Autumn and the Holiday issue) revolving around more great samples to inspire you to turn out that masterpiece.
Stamping Arts & Crafts
Stamping Arts & Crafts - Fun new magazine for the beginner with lots of projects for not only stamping, but other crafts.
There are a number of other great books that are available at The Goose Barn, such as Scrapbooking by Tweety Jill, card making techniques, and Vellum idea books and boxes. Stop in or call for further details.
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