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Fun Flock
Fun Flock - A fuzzy feeling, finely made fiber material that can be added to any image that needs fuzz, whether it be a yellow duck, a teddy bear, funny socks or clothes on a character, anything that needs a fuzzy texture. It comes in a number of colors.
Mica Tiles
Mica Tiles - This are remarkable items. They are actually small slabs of mica that you can peel apart and get several pieces, all the identical shape for use as possibly a window, or usually used in collage projects. They are embossable and durable.
Tassels - These come in an array of colors and are the perfect embellishment to any card or project. Some are in a standard length and others are adjustable to slide and fit the size card you are making.
Liquid Applique
Liquid Applique Liquid Applique - Want to make snow? Make a lamb look wooly? This is the ideal medium to use. It comes in several colors and you apply it to the area you want and if you heat it right away with your heat tool (that is sitting in your Heat Gun Holster) it will give you a nubby, knarly texture. If you allow it to dry overnight or until dry, it will puff up but have a flat look to it. While it is wet, it can be sprinkled with glitter, also.
Paper Clay
Paper Clay - This medium is used primarily for stamping images in and creating jewelry or pins, but the sky is the limit when it comes to stamping, so use your imagination.
Bells, Buttons, Charms & Beads
Bells, Buttons, Charms & Beads - You know when you need just that one little element to set your card off and make it look "spectacular" instead of just "OK" , the use of these items can be just the ticket. Lots of applications and tons to choose from.
Colored Wires
Colored Wires - Another must have, right? They come in colors and can be used to put pin pieces together, add texture, collage application, jewelry, or what else can you think of?
Ribbon by the Yard
Ribbon by the Yard - A lovely assortment of ribbon awaits you at The Goose Barn. I love ribbon and think it adds the perfect embellishment to a card. We carry organzas, very sheer and make great, delicate bows, plaid taffeta types with wired edges, metallic ribbon in several widths in gold and silver, wide burlap looking ribbons that add great texture, jute and micro jute in a nice collection of colors and last but not least, some satin edged sheer ribbons. There will be more that I don't have yet, but will in the future.

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