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Marvy Brush Markers
Marvy Brush Markers Marvy Brush Markers - The large brush markers by Marvy are ideal for coloring directly on your stamp so you can put your colors directly on your paper from the stamp and not have to color in later. This is a good technique for solid images. You can even mix the colors on those solid images so you have some variation to add depth to the look. Marvys come in 108 colors and they are sold in open stock method. We have them all, you pick which ones you need, and don't have to buy a whole set for just a few markers you may seldom use.
Tombow Dual-Tipped Markers
Tombow Dual-Tipped Brush Markers - These markers come in 144 different colors and are also sold open stock. We carry all 144 colors and they are nice, especially for the fine tip on the one end for drawing fine lines or writing in the same color as on your stamped image.
Colored Pencils
Colored Pencils - Create a soft, graduated, matte finish with colored pencils. This is one of the only ways to get white or light on a dark background without using a pigment ink pad, which isn't always the best product.
Water Color Pencils
Water Color Pencils - Like regular colored pencils, they have a soft, matte finish, but with these, you can use a damp brush and go over the colored area and the pencils will blend like watercolors. You can even use the color directly off the tip of your pencil for an area too small to color in. The best of both worlds, a pencil effect or a watercolor effect.
Metallic Pencils
Metallic Pencils - These are terrific! They look like the old first grade pencils we used, big with fat leads, but they are a beautiful metallic shade and act as a resist to other inks. At this time, there are 6 shades - gold, silver, copper, moss green, teal and purple. Create wonderful accents with these.
Chalk Palettes
Chalk Palettes - For the ultimate, soft, matte finish, chalks are the best. You can achieve the lightest shading possible with this medium or it can be quite bright. Can be sprayed with a light fixitive for preserving the color if you are making that masterpiece project.
Blenders - We carry the Dove and Tombow brands blenders and find them to meet all our needs. They will blend those watercolor pencils for you, markers, even chalks. There are also refills and tip replacements for the Dove pens.
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