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Dye-Based Inks
Dye-Based Inkpads - Fast drying, dye-based Designer Inks by Printworks are the regular, solid colored pads that we carry. They are rich in color, hold a lot of ink and match the papers and stickers in the Printworks line. They come in 2 sizes, regular and small cube size. All inkpads are raised, so you can ink a large stamp with even a small ink cube. As an added bonus, we will re-ink your Designer Ink pads (up to 2 a month) free on the first business Monday of the month. Re-inkers are available for purchase if you don't want to wait for the free re-inking day.
Dye-Based Inks are also available in a "Permanent" variety.

Pigment-Based Inks
Photo of a pigment based inkpad. Pigment-Based Inkpads - Encore and Colorbox are the two pigment inkpad companies we stock. Pigment ink is creamy, opaque ink that stays wet on your paper longer for embossing or can be left directly on the paper to dry, but it just takes a little longer than the dye-based variety. The pigment pads come in a long list of colors and combinations, with some of them being multi-colored pads. Re-inkers are also available.
Fabric Inks
Photo of Fabric Markers. Fabric Ink - There are several inks that will work on fabric and one brand that we carry is Fabrico. It is labeled as both a fabric ink and a craft ink, meaning that it is also fine for paper, or walls, or a number of different surfaces. It comes in a nice selection of colors and the pads are also raised, so it won't make any difference the size of your stamp. There are matching Fabrico markers that are dual-ended and will further color your stamped image on fabric.
Cleaners - Like the different types of ink one uses, you also need to use the correct cleaner for that ink. Some are strictly for dye-based non-permanent inks and some are designed to remove even permanent dye-based ink from your stamps. We have several brands and one from Judi-Kins that comes in the economy size. A great buy!!!
Resist Ink
Resist Ink - The newest type of ink. It resists dye-based ink wherever the Resist Ink has been stamped.
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