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Stamp Positioners
Stamp Positioners - We carry several brands and styles of positioners. These enable you to fix mistakes or re-stamp an image that didn't fully come out. You can also us it for stamping perfect borders, masking or deliberately shadowing an image.
Design Templates
Design Templates - There are numbers of these available at the barn. Stampendous has great designs in their Etchling series.  Printworks has clouds, borders, over-all patterns and shapes.  Chatterbox has their famous Journaling Genies, shown at right.  The Genies enable you to create fun ways of journaling on your scrapbook pages, or you can use them to make markings for stamping in a particular shape. Templates come in all shapes and sizes and are a great asset to those of us who can't draw a straight line.
Bag Templates
Bag Templates - Make your own gift bags! This fun product is from Green Sneakers. There are 2 different styles and each includes the templates for making 2 different sized bags. From a tiny "favors" bag to a large gift bag. Can be used with any kind of paper, stamped, stickered or use your imagination.
Envelope Templates
Envelope Templates are also available from several different companies, and as all are unique you will want one of each! Made by Green Sneakers, Printworks and Judi-Kins.
Radiant Pearls
Photo of Radiant Pearls Radiant Pearls - One of the hottest new products we've seen lately. They add a beautiful luminescent shimmer to your images, come in 61 (soon to be 64) colors and are easy to work with. Radiant Pearls can be used as the only color or over watercolor or marker colored images.
Pearl-Ex Powders
Photo of Pearl-Ex Powders Pearl-Ex Powders - Micro-fine powdered pigments that are non-toxic, extremely colorfast and can be used in a myriad of formats to create a look ranging from a pearly luster to a high metallic sheen. Can be used for creating faux-finishes, added to wax or sealing wax , applied dry directly to any porous surface, to paper or embossed images. It can also be added to any viscous medium, ie: oil, acrylic, gouache, varnish or clay.
Paper Making Kits
Paper Making Kits - We carry Arnold Grummer paper making kits, which we have found to be some of the better kits available.  Instructions are easy and projects are unlimited.
Brayers & Corrugators
Paper Corrugator Brayers & Corrugators- We carry several sizes of brayers. Some are 4" removable and interchangeable with other types of rollers, ie, foam. acrylic and soft rubber and some are permanently attached in smaller widths. The removable styles are great for wrapping with your favorite texture making material (i.e. rubber bands, twine, leaves, yarn, you be the inventor of the texture). The paper corrugator is the large 9" wide corrugator that will crimp larger pieces of material. They are extremely strong and will even corrugate thin metallic sheets.
Scissors, Punches & Other Cutting Tools
Scissors, Punches & Other Cutting Tools - This category is as long as you can imagine. We have decorative edging scissors of all shapes and sizes.  Punches are even more varied, including the Rotary punches which enable you to turn the punch image so that it is placed on the paper in the proper direction.  We have long-reach punches, squeeze- handled punches, corner rounders and corner cutters.  We also carry the Fiskars large paper trimmer and the smaller portable 12" paper trimmer that has a scoring blade as well as a cutting blade.  We even have "standard" paper cutting scissors in the barn.
Glues & Adhesives
Photo of Glues Glues & Adhesives - We find the line of Tombow glues to be some of the best. They come in liquid, stick and tape, are easy to use and relatively quick to dry. They are a quality product that is recommended for safe use in Memory Albums.
Perfect Paper Adhesive
Perfect Paper Adhesive - In gloss or matte format is also an exceptional product, that is safely used in scrapbooks. It can be used as a medium to mix with Pearl-Ex powders to create an acrylic paint, dries transparent, is UV protected and ph neutral.
Sailor Brand Glues
Sailor Brand Glues - Designed with a ball point tip that enables the user to get a fine line, both for writing a glue line using with glitter or embossing or when you need the smallest dot of glue to adhere something.
Adhesive Corners
Adhesive Corners - These are used for gluing a picture in, but later being able to remove it. We carry several brands of this type product
Double-Sided Tape
Double-Sided Tape - These come is various widths from 1/8" to almost 2" wide. They are heat resistant and can be used as strictly an adhesive or for embellishment and embossed on, foiled or gold-leafed.
Double-Sided Foam Mounting Squares
Double-Sided Foam Mounting Squares - For raising up an image or part of it, or layering with some height, this type of product is invaluable. We carry several brands of this.
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