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Cards & Envelopes
Cards & Envelopes - We have a number of colors of Astroparch cards and matching envelopes. These are in bulk for so you can mix and match the colors. Size A-2 (standard) We have another section of cards, also in bulk, that we call jewel tones. Colors like plum, teal, navy blue, burgundy, nutmeg, sand, birch, desert storm, purple, blueberry, and many others too numerous to list. These can be mixed and matched within the same price range. These are the standard A-2 (or 1/2 of an 8.5 x 11 folded over.) There are linens in white and cream, paneled cards in ivory and white in 2 sizes, speckled, confetti types and beautiful duplexes. A duplex is one color on the outside of the card and another lighter color in the inside for writing. Square cards in
8 - 10 colors, postcards, tall greeting cards, and 5 x 7 cards in a number of colors.

Patterned Papers
Patterned Papers - We carry 8.5 x 11 size sheets of patterened papers with all kinds of patterns, like gingham checked, striped, polka dotted, and lots with different themes on them, like for a guy card or a baby card for instance.
Handmade Papers
Handmade Papers Handmade Papers - These are usually in large parent sheets as we call them, sized in the neighborhood of 24 x 36. There are metallic, mulberry, mulberry with gold or silver threads, grasses, the list just goes on and on and they are brought to you primarily by the division of Printworks called Dancing Colors. They also come in packages of several co-ordinating sheets together in smaller sizes.
Vellum Papers
Vellum Papers Vellum Papers - Are these HOT !!! Everyone is enjoying the beauty and versatility of vellum papers. They are the perfect accent, overlay or inside lining for your cards as they are transparent and have a crispy feel to them, can be embossed and even dry embossed. Used often in wedding and special occasion cards, they are available in colors now, textured with images like snowflakes, dragonflies, leaves, abstract designs and this list goes on and on too. They still come in the original transparent, marbled or parchment style.
Corrugated Papers
Corrugated Papers - Remember when we used to cut up old boxes to get the corrugated paper effect and use that for a great textured layer? I do. Now, you can buy corrugated papers in all colors and in tiny wale or medium wale. Wale being the wavy part on the front side. It even comes in metallic and it so versatile!
Metallic Papers
Metallic Papers - This category covers text weight metallic papers to corrugated, mirror finish card stock and handmade. Lots in metallic these days.
Cardstock - Many times you need the same color as a card you are making in a larger size. We have most all of the cardstock we have in bulk, in full sized sheets of 8.5 x 11. Also, we have many colors that we do not carry in card and envelope combinations.
Tissue Papers
Tissue Papers - We don't have a lot, but we do have the basics in several colors and textures for filling your handstamped bag or for stamping on and then filling your bag.
Miscellaneous Papers
Miscellaneous Papers - OK - take all the rest of the paper we have and they fit into this slot. Bookmarks, gift tags, placecards, paper shapes, specially designed card formats, like the presto-chango card, accordian cards, frame cards, ornament hanging cards, you name it and we probably have them but can't even remember.
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